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Bowel Cancer and Erectile Dysfunction

Posted: Tuesday, 25 October, 2011 | Categories: bowel cancer, erectile dysfunction

The British Medical Journal has published a study on the treatment of erectile dysfunction in bowel cancer patients. Despite the strong link between the 2 conditions, bowel cancer patients are not receiving any information or guidance from their health care providers with the erectile problems associated with it.

38,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year and half this number of patients are surviving for more than 5 years or more after their treatment. Furthermore, the study predicts that the numbers will only increase. This increase is said to be a steady rise over the next 10 years.

Patients were interviewed and many had experienced erectile dysfunction after their bowel cancer treatment. Some of them were not informed of how to cope with the condition. None of the patients received treatment for their condition or information on treatment.

Some patients said that their doctor or nurse alluded to their age as if it meant the condition were not of consequence to those of a certain age bracket. It is shocking that individuals in such respected professions would make such ignorant assumptions.

Much more planning will go into the care offered to these cancer sufferers and treatments like that offered for prostate cancer patients will become available. Since there is a direct link between bowel cancer and erectile dysfunction, we really should be treating both conditions simultaneously.

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