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Smoking and Impotence - What Many Smokers Do Not Know

Posted: Wednesday, 6 April, 2011 | Categories: Erectile Dysfunction, Smoking

A prolific Australian writer and sex therapist has recently drawn attention once to the relationship between smoking and erectile dysfunction in young men at a time where new smoking restrictions are being put in place around the nation. This reminds us of a 2006 advertisement campaign in the UK set on manipulating young male smokers to quit. This campaign was a promising one as it set out to attack the virility of young men and blame associated problems on smoking with a tagline reading, "If you won't give up smoking for your lungs, heart or throat, maybe you'll do it for your penis." Surveys found thereafter that one in every two smokers said they would quit in order to improve their sex appeal and 88% had no idea that smoking was related to impotence. Such a campaign has not been run in Australia but perhaps now is the time.

Smoking damages the valves which allow blood to flow into the penis. Each cigarette is causing damage. Each cigarette causes fatty deposits to obstruct the flow of blood to the penis and some men have made themselves permanently impotent. Young men are the worst effected and the longer they smoke, the worse their erectile dysfunction will become.

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